Journal of the
Korean Mathematical Society

ISSN(Print) 0304-9914 ISSN(Online) 2234-3008



J. Korean Math. Soc. 2022; 59(4): 699-715

Online first article February 11, 2022      Printed July 1, 2022

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Foliations from left orders

Hyungryul Baik, Sebastian Hensel, Chenxi Wu

KAIST; University of Munich; University of Wisconsin – Madison


We describe a construction which takes as an input a left order of the fundamental group of a manifold, and outputs a (singular) foliation of this manifold which is analogous to a taut foliation. We investigate this construction in detail in dimension $2$, and exhibit connections to various problems in dimension $3$.

Keywords: Left-invariant order, orderable group, geodesic lamination, foliation

MSC numbers: Primary 57R30, 06F15

Supported by: Hyungryul Baik was partially supported by Samsung Science \& Technology Foundation grant No. SSTF-BA1702-01, and Sebastian Hensel was partially supported by the DFG SPP 2026 ``Geometry at Infinity".