Journal of the
Korean Mathematical Society

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J. Korean Math. Soc. 2023; 60(4): 695-743

Online first article June 21, 2023      Printed July 1, 2023

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Complex reflection groups and K3 surfaces II. The groups ${\boldsymbol{G_{29}}}$, ${\boldsymbol{G_{30}}}$ and ${\boldsymbol{G_{31}}}$

Cédric Bonnafé, Alessandra Sarti

IMAG, Universit'e de Montpellier; UMR 7348 CNRS, TSA 61125, 11 bd Marie et Pierre Curie


We study some K3 surfaces obtained as minimal resolutions of quotients of subgroups of special reflection groups. Some of these were already studied in a previous paper by W.~Barth and the second author. We give here an easy proof that these are K3 surfaces, give equations in weighted projective space and describe their geometry.

Keywords: K3 surfaces, reflection groups, elliptic fibrations

MSC numbers: Primary 14J28; Secondary 20F55

Supported by: The first author is partly supported by the ANR: project No. ANR-16-CE40-0010-01 (GeRepMod) and ANR-18-CE40-0024-02 (CATORE). The second author is partly supported by the ANR: project No. ANR-20-CE40-0026-01 (SMAGP).