The following are papers that have received final approval and are awaiting to be published. They are listed in the order of their initial submission date.
Papers are published in the order of their initial submission date and will be made available under “Current Issue” once scheduled to be included in a print issue.

Note: Please understand the below list is not in the exact publishing order of the papers as the list does not include papers under internal reviewing process nor those that have not been galley proofed by the authors.

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* Paper information have been automatically generated from the information submitted by authors in the online submission system.

HeeSook Park
The K\"unneth spectral sequence for complexes of Banach spaces
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Tran Thi Huong, Jong Kyu Kim, and Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy
Regularization for the Problem of Finding a Solution of a System of Nonlinear Monotone Ill-Posed Equations in Banach Spaces
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Aref Jeribi, Bilel Krichen, and Makrem Salhi
Characterization of Relatively Demicompact Operators by Means of Measures of Noncompactness
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Steven G. Krantz, Bingyuan Liu, and Marco M. Peloso
Geometric Analysis on the Diederich--Forn\ae ss Index
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ilim kişi and Günay Öztürk
a new type of tubular surface having pointwise 1-type gauss map in euclidean 4-space E^4
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Liwei Wang
Boundedness of the commutator of the intrinsic square function in variable exponent spaces
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Jihong Bae, JeongHyeong Park, and Kouei Sekigawa
A one-parameter family of totally umbilical hyperspheres in the nearly Kaehler 6-sphere
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Dae San Kim, Taekyun Kim, Hyuck-In Kwon, and Jin-Woo Park
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Esma Dirican and yasar Sözen
Reidemeister Torsion and Orientable Punctured Surfaces
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afshin amini, babak amini, afsaneh nejadzadeh, and habib sharif
Singular clean rings
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Yu Huang and Xingfu Zhong
Topological Entropy of Switched Systems
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Patrick Njionou Sadjang
$q$-Addition theorems for the $q$-Appell polynomials and the associated classes of $q$-polynomials expansions
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Chang Ik Lee and Soo Yong Park
When nilpotents are contained in Jacobson radicals
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Euler sums of generalized hyperharmonic numbers
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wei zhao
On $\Phi$-Flat Modules and $\Phi$-Pr\"{u}fer Rings
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Krishnan Rajkumar, Arikatla Satyanarayana Reddy, and Devendra Prasad Semwal
Fixed Divisor of a Multivariate Polynomial and Generalized Factorials in Several Variables
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Yaning Wang
Minimal and harmonic Reeb vector fields on trans-Sasakian 3-manifolds
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Yayun Li and Bei Liu
Singularity estimates for elliptic systems of m-Laplacians
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Jing Mao
Monotonicity of the first eigenvalue of the Laplace and the $p$-Laplace operators under a forced mean curvature flow
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Jongyoon Hyun, Jungyun Lee, and Yoonjin Lee
Characterization of certain types of r-plateaued functions
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