The following are papers that have received final approval and are awaiting to be published. They are listed in the order of their initial submission date.
Papers are published in the order of their initial submission date and will be made available under “Current Issue” once scheduled to be included in a print issue.

Note: Please understand the below list is not in the exact publishing order of the papers as the list does not include papers under internal reviewing process nor those that have not been galley proofed by the authors.

Final published versions of all papers are available under “All Issues” and also under “Current Issue” for papers included in the current issue.

* Paper information have been automatically generated from the information submitted by authors in the online submission system.

Hossein Larki
Primitive ideals and pure infiniteness of ultragraph C*-algebras
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Hong Wang
Bipacking a Bipartite Graph with Girth at least 12
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Bin Ling, Xiaoxiao Nie, and Jiandong Yin
Weakly almost periodic points and chaotic dynamics of discrete amenable group actions
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Mingyu Kim and Byeong-Kweon Oh
The number of representations by a ternary sum of triangular numbers
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Jong Taek Cho and Makoto Kimura
Gradient Ricci soliton on $O(n)$-invariant $n$-dimensional submanifold in $S^n(1)\times S^n(1)$
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Peng Chen, Renming Song, Longjie Xie, and Yingchao Xie
Heat kernel estimates for Dirichlet fractional Laplacian with gradient perturbation
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Taiki Yamada
The Ricci curvature on directed graphs
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Bowon Kang and Namjip Koo
Stability properties in impulsive differential systems of non-integer order
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Mamadou Abdoul Diop, Khalil Ezzinbi, and Modou Lo
stability in the $\alpha$-Norm for some stochastic partial functional integrodifferential equations
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E. Hashemi and F. Shokuhifar
On some type elements of zero-symmetric near-ring of polynomials
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Ju Myung Kim
The ideal of weakly p-nuclear operators and its injective and surjective hulls
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Youchan Kim and Seungjin Ryu
elliptic obstacle problems with measurable nonlinearities in non-smooth domains
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Identities and relations on the q-Apostol type Frobenius-Euler numbers and polynomials
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Bin Chen and KaiWen Xia
On conformally flat polynomial $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics with weakly isotropic scalar curvature
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Bing Ye Wu
Comparison Theorems in Riemann-Finsler Geometry with Line Radial Integral Curvature Bounds and Related Results
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Sanghoon Kwon
On the set of critical exponents of discrete groups acting on regular trees
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Themba Dube
Rings in which sums of d-ideals are d-ideals
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