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  • Published online July 26, 2022

    A generalization of Maynard's results on the Brun-Titchmarsh Theorem to number fields

    Jeoung-Hwan Ahn and Soun-Hi Kwon

    Abstract : Maynard proved that there exists an effectively computable constant $q_1$ such that if $q \geq q_1$, then $\pi(x;q,a) < \frac{2 { {Li}}(x)}{\phi(q)}$ for $x \geq q^8$. In this paper, we will show the following. Let $\delta_1$ and $\delta_2$ be positive constants with $0< \delta_1, \delta_2 < 1$ and $\delta_1+\delta_2 > 1$. Assume that $L \neq {\mathbb Q}$ is a number field. Then there exists an effectively computable constant $d_1$ such that for $d_L \geq d_1$ and $x \geq \exp \left( 326 n_L^{\delta_1} \left(\log d_L\right)^{1+\delta_2}\right)$, we have $\pi_C(x) < 2 \frac{|C|}{|G|} {\ {Li}}(x)$.

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  • Published online July 26, 2022

    Dynamic behavior of cracked beams and shallow arches

    Semion Gutman, Junhong Ha, and Sudeok Shon

    Abstract : We develop a rigorous mathematical framework for studying dynamic behavior of cracked beams and shallow arches. The governing equations are derived from the first principles using the Extended Hamilton's Principle, and stated in terms of the subdifferentials of the bending and the axial potential energies. The existence and the uniqueness of the solutions is established under various conditions. The corresponding mathematical tools dealing with vector-valued functions are comprehensively developed. The motion of the beams and arches is studied under the assumptions of the weak and strong damping. The presence of the cracks forces a weaker regularity results for the arch motion, as compared to the beam case.

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  • Published online August 1, 2022

    Thomas algorithms for systems of fourth-order finite difference methods

    Soyoon Bak, Philsu Kim, and Sangbeom Park

    Abstract : The main objective of this paper is to develop a concrete inverse formula of the system induced by the fourth-order finite difference method for two-point boundary value problems with Robin boundary conditions. This inverse formula facilitates to make a fast algorithm for solving the problems. Our numerical results show the efficiency and accuracy of the proposed method, which is implemented by the Thomas algorithm.

  • Published online July 28, 2022

    Multiple solutions of a perturbed Yamabe-type equation on graph

    Yang Liu

    Abstract : Let $u$ be a function on locally finite graph $G=(V, E)$ and $\Omega$ be a bounded subset of $V$. Let $\varepsilon>0$, $p>2$ and $0\leq\lambda0$ such that for all $\varepsilon\in(0,\varepsilon_0)$, the above equation has two distinct solutions. Moreover, we consider a more general nonlinear equation \begin{equation*}\label{b3}\left\{\begin{array}{lll} -\Delta u=f(u)+\varepsilon h &{\rm in}& \Omega\\[1.5ex] u=0 &{\rm on}&\p\Omega,\end{array}\ri. \end{equation*}\\ and prove similar result for certain nonlinear term $f(u)$.

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  • Published online August 1, 2022

    Fourier Transform of Anisotropic Mixed-norm Hardy Spaces with Applications to Hardy-Littlewood Inequalities

    Jun Liu, Yaqian Lu, and Mingdong Zhang

    Abstract : Let $\vec{p}\in(0,1]^n$ be a $n$-dimensional vector and $A$ a dilation. Let $H_A^{\vec{p}}(\mathbb{R}^n)$ denote the anisotropic mixed-norm Hardy space defined via the radial maximal function. Using the known atomic characterization of $H_{A}^{\vec{p}}(\mathbb{R}^n)$ and establishing a uniform estimate for corresponding atoms, the authors prove that the Fourier transform of $f\in H_A^{\vec{p}}(\mathbb{R}^n)$ coincides with a continuous function $F$ on $\mathbb{R}^n$ in the sense of tempered distributions. Moreover, the function $F$ can be controlled pointwisely by the product of the Hardy space norm of $f$ and a step function with respect to the transpose matrix of $A$. As applications, the authors obtain a higher order of convergence for the function $F$ at the origin, and an analogue of Hardy-Littlewood inequalities in the present setting of $H_A^{\vec{p}}(\mathbb{R}^n)$.

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  • Published online June 9, 2022

    New Congruences For $\ell$-Regular Overpartitions

    Ankita Jindal and Nabin K. Meher

    Abstract : For a positive integer $\ell,$ $\overline{A}_{\ell}(n)$ denotes the number of overpartitions of $n$ into parts not divisible by $\ell.$ In this article, we find certain Ramanujan-type congruences for $\overline{A}_{ r \ell}(n),$ when $r\in\{8, 9\}$ and we deduce infinite families of congruences for them. Furthermore, we also obtain Ramanujan-type congruences for $\overline{A}_{ 13}(n)$ by using an algorithm developed by Radu and Sellers \cite{Radu2011}.

  • Published online July 28, 2022

    weakly equivariant classification of small covers over a product of simplicies

    Aslı Güçlükan İlhan and Sabri Kaan Gürbüzer

    Abstract : Given a dimension function ω, we introduce the notion of an ω-vector weighted digraph and an ω-equivalence between them. Then we establish a bijection between the weakly (Z/2)^n-equivariant homeomorphism classes of small covers over a product of simplices Δ^ω(1) × · · · × Δ^ω(k) and the set of ω-equivalence classes of ω-vector weighted digraphs with k-labeled vertices where n = ω(1)+· · ·+ω(k). Using this bijection, we obtain a formula for the number of weakly (Z/2)^n-equivariant homeomorphism classes of small covers over a product of three simplices.

  • Published online June 3, 2022

    Spectral decomposition for homeomorphisms on non-metrizable totally disconnected spaces

    Jumi Oh

    Abstract : We introduce the notions of symbolic expansivity and symbolic shadowing for homeomorphisms on non-metrizable compact spaces which are generalizations of expansivity and shadowing, respectively, for metric spaces. The main result is to generalize the Smale's spectral decomposition theorem to symbolically expansive homeomorphisms with symbolic shadowing on non-metrizable compact Hausdorff totally disconnected spaces.

  • Published online July 29, 2022

    Matrices similar to centrosymmetric matrices

    Benjamín A Itzá-Ortiz and Rubén Alejandro Martínez-Avendaño

    Abstract : In this paper we give conditions on a matrix which guarantee that it is similar to a centrosymmetric matrix. We use this conditions to show that some $4 \times 4$ and $6 \times 6$ Toeplitz matrices are similar to centrosymmetric matrices. Furthermore, we give conditions for a matrix to be similar to a matrix which has a centrosymmetric principal submatrix, and conditions under which a matrix can be dilated to a matrix similar to a centrosymmetric matrix.

  • Published online July 25, 2022

    Bailey pairs and strange identities

    Jeremy Lovejoy

    Abstract : Zagier introduced the term ``strange identity" to describe an asymptotic relation between a certain $q$-hypergeometric series and a partial theta function at roots of unity. We show that behind Zagier's strange identity lies a statement about Bailey pairs. Using the iterative machinery of Bailey pairs then leads to many families of multisum strange identities, including Hikami's generalization of Zagier's identity.

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