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  • Published online April 5, 2022

    On $3^k$-regular cubic partitions

    Nayandeep Deka Baruah and Hirakjyoti Das

    Abstract : Recently, Gireesh, Shivashankar, and Naika [12] found some infinite classes of congruences for the 3- and the 9-regular cubic partitions modulo powers of 3. We extend their study to all the $3^k$-regular cubic partitions. We also find new families of congruences.

  • Published online February 11, 2022

    Foliations from left orders

    Hyungryul Baik, Sebastian Hensel, and Chenxi Wu

    Abstract : We describe a construction which takes as an input a left order of the fundamental group of a manifold, and outputs a (singular) foliation of this manifold which is analogous to a taut foliation. We investigate this construction in detail in dimension 2, and exhibit connections to various problems in dimension 3.

  • Published online April 5, 2022

    Sharp Ore-type conditions for the existence of an even $[4,b]$-factor in a graph

    Eun-Kyung Cho, Su-Ah Kwon, and Suil O

    Abstract : Let $a$ and $b$ be positive even integers. An even $[a,b]$-factor of a graph $G$ is a spanning subgraph $H$ such that for every vertex $v \in V(G)$, $d_H(v)$ is even and $a \le d_H(v) \le b$. Let $\kappa(G)$ be the minimum size of a vertex set $S$ such that $G-S$ is disconnected or one vertex, and let $\sigma_2(G)=\min_{uv \notin E(G)}(d(u)+d(v))$. In 2005, Matsuda proved an Ore-type condition for an $n$-vertex graph satisfying certain properties to guarantee the existence of an even $[2,b]$-factor. In this paper, we prove that for an even positive integer $b$ with $b \ge 6$, if $G$ is an $n$-vertex graph such that $n \ge b+5$, $\kappa(G) \ge 4$, and $\sigma_2(G) \ge \frac{8n}{b+4}$, then $G$ contains an even $[4,b]$-factor; each condition on $n$, $\kappa(G)$, and $\sigma_2(G)$ is sharp.

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  • Published online April 5, 2022

    A Note on the Zeros of Jensen Polynomials

    Young-One Kim and Jungseob Lee

    Abstract : Sufficient conditions for the Jensen polynomials of the derivatives of a real entire function to be hyperbolic are obtained. The conditions are given in terms of the growth rate and zero distribution of the function. As a consequence some recent results on Jensen polynomials, relevant to the Riemann hypothesis, are extended and improved.

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